Here are my fiction for one of my favorite shows

 My Serious stuff


Shadow Series (Gargoyles X-Over)

 Book One: A Call to Arms (unfinished) (very little Gargoyles in this one)

   Nick, Nat, and LaCroix have been captured and imprisoned by a dark new enemy. Who are these dark ones and why is there a war beginning? Who is the mysterious woman who has been captured and imprisoned with them and can she help Nick and Nat with their dreams of mortality. This is an after Last Knight (yes it happened but it had a happy ending) story. 

Part One

Part Two 

Part Three 

Part Four (not yet finished)



Angel Bright to Angel Dark, What would you do if an angel fell from the sky tonight?

   What if Nat died at the end of Forever Knight and LaCroix never took Nick's Life, but what if that was only the beginning.

Coming Soon!


Darkness (a unfinished and yet unnamed story, just called darkness right now, any suggestions?)

What does a dark evil force want with Natalie and what does Nick have to do with it.


 My Non-Serious stuff


The cow, the man, and the curse series

 When Cows Fly...  May, 1999

 LaCroix, Nick and a cow need I say more?

Flashback Whiplash  June, 1999

 Somewhat sequel to When Cows Fly...
WARNING-flashbacks ending this fast may be hazardous to you health.

 Forever Knight III: The Search for Spock... uhm Nat
August, 1999

 A sequel to Flashback Whiplash. A familiar cow needs help from Nat.


Hamster Dance  June, 1999 Not a sequel but a story about a man (vampire) and his Hamster Dance. 
(Links to the various dances will be up shortly)


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